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I want you to see and think and draw just like an artist. and be successful in whichever artistic route you take in life.  

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There's nothing like the now. This will be your first step on a whole new artistic adventure.  

if you continue to use this everyday and in your art, you will see art in a whole new light.  



PS: Tomorrow ill share my number one tip for De-Focusing  




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#1 Tip For De-Focusing  

If you haven't already gone through the free report don't forget to go back and check the free report you received. check it out here.  

When it comes to drawing you or your students probably have something that you think is stopping you from becoming an artist  

Im here to help you CRUSH that thing.  

You can glide past most of these obstacles by building a strong fundamental artistic base.  

By gaining accuracy and by studying your subject in a specific way,  

And ill show you how to do just that with my ebook, "artist in 7 days".  

Inside you will use the left side of your brain to melt away any of the obstacles in your way.  


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My number one tip when "de-focusing"  

First i just want to go over why we are doing this  

By doing this you give yourself updates on the picture that you are drawing AND simplifies the object you are looking at for you. which in turn simplifys your process of how you draw it.  

So my number one tip is to actually USE it,  

You might say, "Greg, obviously i have to use it".  

Starting something is the hardest part of doing something new. and you've already started it so the hard part is over, but lets continue that process, so that it becomes automatic, so that it becomes second nature.  

Actually lets use it right NOW. Just because we can. So why not.  

Right now get one of your drawings out in front of you. if you don't have any drawings than use the screen you are looking at right now.  

Ok right now start defocusing and turn it "ON" and sit there and just relax in the ON mode, while you look over the object in front of you.  

Turn it ON and turn it OFF and do it until you can control when you turn it ON and OFF.  

Then start to look around the room and pick out objects that are close to you and practice on these objects.  

Use it once, use it twice, then use it again. then keep using it. use it constantly. than it will become as easy as breathing.  

Turning that ON and OFF is one of the ways to seeing like an artist. I show you the other ways of seeing in "Artist In 7 Days", my ebook on how you can SEE, THINK, and DRAW, like an artist.  




 PS: Let me know what your biggest frustration about drawing what you want. Just send me a direct email response with any of your thoughts or questions.  

Raising Your Artistic ability NOW

 One of the best things Iv'e learned from my mentor is something called "paying for speed"  

it means to stop trying to do something yourself in order to save a buck  

stop running up against a wall over and over if there is a better way to do it.  

that you can pay a little right now. instead of paying a lot over time.  

when you can pay for a faster way of doing it  

and this works wonderfully because it leverages the most important factor in success that you can get  

and that's time.  

time is everything and we only have so much of it. money comes and goes and comes back again.  

but time. once it goes you've lost it forever.  

everyone is looking for an easier way to do things. but to do these things cheaper. it requires much more of your time to do them. so you are sacrificing time for a couple extra bucks.  

End the time it will take to figure things out on your own  

End the frustration It takes to learn things on your own  

And save more of your Time!  

so if you want to advance in the field of art, without wasting anymore of your precious time. just check out my book "Artist In 7 Days" and reap the benefits now.  


Was This You As a Kid?

  Ahhh how GOOD life was when we were kids!  

Think about it. Did you have that spark of curiosity when you were younger?  

It was the easiest time of our lives to learn new things. There was nothing in our way.  

No limitations. No responsibilities. No appointments. Blue skies. Everything was Fresh and New all day, everyday.  

Playing with friends. Running and playing with the dog and cat. Your first bike ride. Your first crush.  

Entertaining yourself. Fidgeting with toys. Trying to figure out how gadgets worked.  

How they were made. What made them tick. And once you were done fiddling around with them, or you finished that new drawing.  

You couldn’t wait to show mom and dad what you had created. You were anxious to see how they would react.  

For them to tell you how much you improved. Because they always gave you that hope for the future. But,  

Now your in the “real world”  

All your creativity, all those memories, are Locked away. Compressed into a small cardboard box with the word "freedom" sharpied across one side.  

Stuffed in the cobweb-filled attic. With a bunch of other boxes, Gathering dust. Never to be seen again.  

You have grown up. You have to do Big Boy and Big Girl things now. You are herded around by corporations and handcuffed by debt.  

Stressed out. And most of the time your true feelings have as much chance as a gold-fish on a cat farm.  


You know those thoughts that come to you at random?  

Like that idea to do something creative. Which comes to you when you least expect it. While your taking a shower.  

When your exercising, or when your just waking up. That flash of creativity that you usually are quick to turn down.  

Don't let those ideas slip away like a fish off the hook. Next time it comes to you, grab it and don't let go. This is what i want to do:  

I want to help you capture those ideas on the paper.  

So Listen up: because soon I will be giving you a chance to go upstairs to the attic and grab that old box.  

Blow the dust off. And crack it open. Releasing your ideas.  

Allowing Your Creativity To Surge Out Like an Broken Fire Hydrant!  

You still have creativity flowing through your veins.  

So, Would you like to know how people have captured their imagination on the paper this new way in 2018?  

Then you are in the right place!  

Check it out here.