The one thing you can do right now to enhance your drawing ability. AND... you can start using it immediately. Not in the dim and distant future, but RIGHT AWAY!

So, We're going to be using a great tool that you already own. Something very close to you. Its your eyes!

If you squint at something. You get a round about visual of it. When you squint while looking at a picture, you lower the light intensity, and its like your looking at that object from far away. The picture comes together. But this page isn't about squinting.


You can also get a instant overall snapshot of your image by de-focusing your eyes while looking at the picture. This will allow you to get the far away view, without loosing any light intensity. And without having to get up out of your chair. Try this.

Hold up a picture one foot in front of your face. Focus on the picture. Now take the picture away to the side and out of your view. Look at something far away in the room and focus in on it. Keep your focus on the far away object while you move the picture back in front of your view. Now you should see a fuzzy image. Its kinda of like using your peripheral vision to look at the image. You can see it as a whole, everything at once.

You can also practice this by looking at the words on this page. Pick out one word or letter and focus in on only that word or letter. Now without moving your head or eyes, force the lens of your eye to focus on something much further back behind this surface. The words will turn blurry and you will be able to see all the paragraphs, everything at once.

Practice doing this a couple times with the words on this page. I guess you can pretend you are like an eagle flying high in the sky, scanning the ground, searching for its prey, then zooming in on it. After practicing this enough times you will be able to focus and de-focus at will. Practice doing this on the words or letters until you feel you got the hang of it.

If its not working for you. Close your eyes. This will reset your eyes so that they are parallel and focusing on the light rays that are coming from infinity, or “far away”. So that when you open your eyes you should see the words on this page as blurry paragraphs. Or if it helps just try to blink as you zoom in and blink again as you zoom out.

Doing this will give you a quick update of your overall progress on whatever piece of art you may be working on. 

In the future it will be much easier for you see the boundaries of light and shaded areas on objects by defocusing.

Now try this out with your future drawings and see what happens!

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