(Before This Offer Expires!)

I did something crazy and you are about to benefit from this!

Because you already purchased the ebook. And If you live in the US, i want to give you the chance to have your very own paperback version you can keep for yourself or give to that special someone to kick start their artistic future. But first...

What do mentors, leaders, and entrepreneurs all have in common? Where do they get all their inspiration and drive? What is their secret?  

We call them books! They ALL are reading books and carry them around with them EVERYWHERE. And not just any books. But the right books.  

There is something magical about books. Books empower us. They give us something that can't be acquired anywhere else. They are a source of inspiration. And I want YOU to be that source of inspiration for someone you care about! And you can do that with Artist In 7 Days paperback.  

 I want to share something with you 

When i wrote "Artist In 7 Days" or AI7D, I was only going to release it as an ebook. But since then, I've had multiple people come up to me telling me how much they want a real physical book that they can hold in their hands and use as a guide as they draw. They told me how much they wanted to get one for their friends or family members. So due to the overwhelming demand that I've been getting lately for the physical book, i started looking for a way to get a few made for everyone who wanted one.  

So i found a way to get a small amount of books created . And so far, people have been snapping them up and enjoying them. Here's the book.